[nē’ŏn’] | Sc
A rare colorless element in the noble gas group that occurs naturally in extremely small amounts in the atmosphere.


[wāv] | n
Any surging or progressing movement or part resembling a wave of the sea.


Neon Wave was conceptualized in Stowe, Vermont; Miami, Florida; Venice Beach, California; Milan, Italy; Harajuku, Japan. Neon Wave was conceptualized while sitting in coach 30,000 feet up, while sleeping in a tent at the base of Gothics Mountain, while searching through LES for an outlet to charge a phone, while surfing breaks at Blacks and weird waves in Lake Ontario.

Neon Wave was founded in 2018 in Rochester, New York to live with you through all of those situations and much more. We are a surf and snow inspired lifestyle shop stocking hard and soft goods to support you through all of life's journeys. We are a concierge to the modern nomad; we are your internationally local shop. This is an establishment born from nature,
raised  by the street, and nurtured by the culture it supports. This is Neon Wave.

Neon Wave offers a modern and forward-thinking approach to retail. We bring together carefully chosen fashion, technical, and conceptual items and place them in context through physical and digital experiences. The individually sourced, thematic and seasonal assortments we curate are built to service every active need. We work to offer a unique and personal way to explore the otherwise increasingly diluted and impersonal shopping experience. Being a conduit for consumers through art, education, collaboration and the love of life make up the ethos of our existence.


We are a creator and a supporter of all things that inspire us. We look to gather insight from experience to develop substance that disrupts conventional thought. There is a need to balance the ephemeral and the timeless, the emotional and the cultural, the physical and the psyche. This need permeates everything we do and is woven into the discovery process. It is our understanding of the precedents set that allows us to see the future. The current sea change in overall perspective and clarity demands responsibility and sustainability. It will only be successful through a collaborative effort from like-minded individuals who share a common belief in what is right and a common desire to create it. Being a conduit for consumers through art, education, inspiration, collaboration and the love of life make up the ethos of our existence. Neon Wave is a manifestation of these beliefs and has — without sacrifice — created a forward thinking and sophisticated approach to operating "the local shop".

We look forward to moving forward.


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