John Elliott FW20 Delivery 1

A Wonderful Yesterday / Photos by Evyn Morgan on Kodak Film

Inspired by the seamless fusion of nature with fashion that John Elliott achieved with their FW20 collection, we aimed to create a series of images that depict the main goal of every piece of fashion–to become apart of the elements it is stitched for.

Anchored by a century-old log cabin in California's northern Sierra Mountains, this collection takes its cues from both the golden heartstrings of nostalgia and the raw glory of nature.

"We started by looking at this way of life that is so different to how we live now, then we built it into a system that works for today. This kind of modular, head-to-toe complete wardrobe, spurred by the past and this remote place." - John on FW20


Founded in 2012 with a mission to create timeless staples with attention paid to details that matter - John Elliott is far from basic. With materials sourced globally and a design language derived from a California-upbringing; John Elliott remembers where they've been while pushing forward to innovate and improve.


Photo: Evyn Morgan
Model: David Lurye
Creative Direction: Justin Dusett